It is possible

It is possible Let's make a path of cubes! We put a cube, nearby still a cube here so! Let's make a long path! What remarkable it turned out at us road! There is a doll on the road a top top top! Tower We put one cube on another, the high tower will not turn out yet.

It is necessary to pay attention of the child that cubes should be put at each other accurately, otherwise the tower will be unstable and will quickly collapse.

The tower can be multicolored or one color, low or high.

It is possible to construct a row two towers of different height and different color.

On a tower the doll can get.

It is possible to try to get to a turret a ball.

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The real woman

The real woman It is not necessary to be frightened! Such holiday comes to an end with fine mood and good mood.

The girl stops that actually can carry more often.

Interestingly that, having played enough, the girl herself will come to a conclusion that expensive things not always good and are worthy it.

Expensive, shouting things are bought by diffident and very diffident women.

The real woman often changes clothes therefore it is better not to limit itself it to the price.

If your thing costs some your salaries, whether you can have more enough different things often to change clothes and change thereby the moodSome girls thrown by parents start to buy at this time to themselves means for growing thin.

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Remember that

Remember that Responsibility for the child does not mean total control, pansophy and faultlessness in actions.

The care of soul of the child psychic demands not so much any knowledge and abilities, how many a certain relation.

Remember that these children psychics.

Concerning your feelings, motives and the relations quite often it is much more important than their feeling for them, than your knowledge or actions.

Fill itself with sincerity, happiness, love.

The child will feel it and will open towards to you.

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During travel

During travel all this it is necessary to give cookies, rolls, fruitcakes, biscuits during special feedin instead of between food receptions.

Perekusa during travel and restaurant food.

During travel with the child you always should have in a stock a food cookies, juice, bread, fruit.

If you visit restaurant, order to the kid dishes accepted for it.

Children eat with pleasure in new places.

They have a wonderful chance to try the new food possessing unusual taste for them.

We will be protected from the sun! It seems improbable, but even the winter sun can harm skin of the child.

Having protected skin of the child from influence of direct sunshine, you will provide its healthy condition.

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Now about that

Now about that And the rain is not present even a trace.

Point nd.

We already had flowers different hand bells, camomiles, pink peonies, dark blue flowers, other hand bells, white yarrows, calendula, any yellow flowers, any red, lobelia, carnation, daisies, .

Other flowers will still be dismissed soon.

At us before the house it is a lot of white clover, it very fragrant, fine.

Point rd.

Before writing the diary, mother cut me and washed up to me the head besides.

I behaved well.

Now about that was yesterday.

We with mother, Masha and the grandmother went in the wood for berries and for mushrooms.

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